Why Facebook Messenger Day Crushes Snapchat Stories

In 2014 roughly 2 billion photos were shared every single day. That number has obviously risen with the constant growth of social networks, new social networks coming out, and specifically photo sharing apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and the like. In particular, Instagram has proved over the years that its photo sharing, commenting, liking, and other notable features is why it is the champion when it comes to photo sharing. Facebook, being a large social network with photos and videos, as well as a plethora of other features has established itself as the king of social media.

Snapchat on the other hand, has squeezed its way into the lives of millennial’s, without any particular feature set making it stand out from the rest. You may have read my article as to the reasons why I deleted Snapchat. Again, I still do not find a point to Snapchat. Which brings me to the purpose of this article:


Facebook Messenger Day, has broken through to a new audience, where Snapchat has failed to do so.

When I first got a notification that Facebook had released this new feature called Messenger Day, I was curious as to what it actually was. I quickly found out that it was basically a copy of Snapchat “Stories” feature, which Instagram also copied recently. Snapchat even mentioned this fact and their recent IPO filing along with their “instruction manual”, because of how confusing their interface is.
courtesy of The Verge
It’s no wonder Snapchat growth faltered in Q4 of 2016…Instagram was blowing them out of the water with their version of Stories. Now with Facebook Messenger Day feature, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen in 2017. Well I can, but I’d rather not predict, and just stick to my point:


Facebook Messenger Day is just what the doctor ordered.

  • It gives a purpose to my photos.
  • It let’s people take a glimpse into my day without having to bombard them on the news feed.
  • I don’t have to send everybody photos through messenger or through text.
  • Friends & family can simply look at my day.
  • I can apply filters, type text on the screen, draw things, and make the pictures funnier.
I also like the fact that if I post a picture or a funny GIF in a Messenger message, it asks if I want to add it to my Day, which I sometimes do. That is so convenient. Also, while watching someone’s Day, I can comment on it either by using a selection of quick already written responses, or by writing one of my own. They will receive it as a Messenger message.  They can reply if they want, or just enjoy my message knowing I am part of their Day.

While in my opinion, Snapchat has literally no purpose, Messenger Day has a great purpose. It allows me to do a few awesome things:

  • Stop bombarding people in my news feed
  • Post photos that I would never post on Facebook
  • Makes my day fun
  • Helps me see who engages with me
  • Shows who my actual friends are
  • It also shows who is interested in my life

The best part is, I don’t have to leave the app to use it, whereas with Snapchat I would have to go between Snapchat and Facebook. I can stay in Messenger to send messages, add photos to my Day, watch peoples’ Days, go on the Facebook news feed, etc.

Overall, I am very happy that Facebook released this feature, and for once they created something useful that people have been asking for for quite some time. Kudos to you Facebook.

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