Op-Ed: How Donald Trump Became President of the United States

If you are shocked that Donald Trump has become America’s 45th president, don’t be. If you have ever shared a cat video, listened to a new ridiculous pop song (Gangnam Style), or watched a silly reality TV show such as the Kardashian’s, then you inadvertently voted for Trump.

But wait a minute, maybe you voted for Clinton in the polls? Again, by succumbing to the Idiocracy and new era of the human condition, you aided and abetted to Trump becoming president.

Love him or hate him…You America voted for Justin Bieber to be rich & famous. You voted the Kardashian’s into becoming a household name. You voted for Gangnam Style to become a multi-million dollar enterprise. And let’s not forget, you helped make Angry Birds (and other stupid games) into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Every time you shared that stupid video, that silly song, that really bad TV show, or endorsed and supported any of these ridiculous people who have been making millions of dollars off of you – you voted for Trump in some shape, way or form. You may not have cast a vote for Trump, but by fueling the stupidity of America, and not sharing things that matter such as climate change, poverty, LGBQT rights, and other important issues facing humanity, you endorsed Trump.

Is it really that shocking that he won?  Not really.  It is more shocking to me that PewDiePie has a net worth of $78 million from making the most ridiculously stupid YouTube videos. And who helped PewDiePie become so rich and famous? You America, you did. Because of this, Trump took advantage of your stupidity and took it upon himself to run for president. He probably thought, ‘If America can make PewDiePie rich and famous, they will make me POTUS.’

Sorry to say he was right. I’m truly very sorry, because I did not want him to be president. It seems as if America has just gotten a big wake up call. Stop endorsing reality stars. Stop endorsing music that has no meaning. Stop endorsing content providers who don’t educate the public on things that matter. Stop letting your children use smart phones and social media 24/7. Stop posting moronic articles that don’t help us achieve greatness.

Above all, stop complaining and crying about the things you cannot control, and instead empower yourself and others to positively influence the things that you can control. If you do not do this, the next presidential election will have an even worse candidate lineup. Because Trump becoming president is not so shocking when our country revolves around silly, stupid, unintelligent content and opinions.

The next time you want to share a stupid video, song, TV show, or article – take a second to remember that Donald Trump is the POTUS because of that stupidity.  So think twice about posting it – and instead share something groundbreaking, a scientific breakthrough, a video that shows something positive, a song that has words that inspire people, or an article that helps somebody learn something new. Be a positive influence in your community, help children learn, get them off of smart phones and social media, volunteer in your community, make people around you more positive, and stop complaining and crying about every little thing.

If every American would start doing this, our country (and the world) would be a better place no matter what president we have in office.

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