Why you should think about starting a career in technology

We know the technology boom has changed the world in many ways, but how has it affected the job market? Some people fear a possible dystopian future of a world run by robots.  But we tend to forget the brains behind it all.  They still put their pants on, one leg at a time just like the rest of us. Manual labor jobs are becoming a thing of the past, and we are keeping up with the modern trends. The US Department of Labor statistics show signs of growth in the industry and expect it to increase up to 12% in the industry in the next decade.

Which jobs are in highest demand, and will be in the years to come?

Software Developers for Systems

Software development for systems consists of creating software that works for operating systems. Without system software, you wouldn’t be able to read this article.  Because this content resides on a server, which is undoubtedly run by either Windows or Linux.  If we didn’t have system software, the world of technology would be utter chaos. This field is projected to increase by 72% in the coming years. With a salary anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 and such a high growth rate, it is bound to be booming as an up and coming career.

Software Developers for Applications

Software development for applications consists of developing software that works on a device, such as Facebook, or your favorite mobile apps. This could also be Microsoft Office, or Adobe Photoshop.  Any program that runs on an operating system is an application.  Developing applications is not an easy task, but most definitely a fulfilling one as you watch the impact they have on society. Software Development for applications often reaches a 6 figure salary. Combined with a growth rate expected to reach nearly 60% by 2020, this career choice has the potential to supply jobs to many technology specialists.

Computer Support Specialists

Computer support consists of maintaining systems and local networks while troubleshooting problems. Without these specialists, the entire technological setting would be a minefield of stolen identities and “hot singles in your area!”.  The median pay is about $50,000 a year and the field has a projected 12% employment increase. The greatest benefit of all, is helping the elderly set up a blog to rant and rave about millennials. What greater payoff than irony?

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts are versed in both IT and business. They study and design ways in which a system can be improved. Which means that by learning the functionality of current systems they are also finding new ways to better them in the future. This field is projected to have a 21% increase in the upcoming years with a pay median at about $80,000 yearly. All in addition to the experiences gained by opening new doors (or windows).

By choosing a career in technology, you will be a part of the wheels of progression. Technology is practically synonymous with innovation and by becoming a piece of it, you are becoming a part of an entire movement. These jobs may seem monotonous as the walls of a cubical and a non-spinning office chair are the typical setting; but they are nowhere near stationary. Creating and maintaining technology is one the most fundamental and influential ways to advance society. Deciding to pursue a career of such progress not only changes your life and those around you, but also the lives of those in the future.

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