What Back to the Future Part II Got Right and Wrong


Whoa, this is heavy. Back to the Future Day is officially here. The world had 26 years to create the items from the future that Marty, Doc and Jennifer traveled to in the 1989 film. So how does the movie’s version of 2015 compare to the real 2015? Let’s find out!



Over the years, many people have claimed to create fully functional hoverboards. Most of these projects turned out to be hoaxes. The ones that do work are nothing like the ones in the film. They just don’t have the same power that the fictional ones have.

Video Conferencing


Chalk one up in the win column. Video conferencing is a very common thing in our world today. We can now do it on multiple devices. A good example is Facetime on iPhones. But, it seems like a lot of work. Most people would prefer to just keep texting away…

Pizza Hyrdator


This one is depressing. Pizza is awesome and people can be very lazy so it’s understandable that this device would be a big hit if it really existed. Astronauts (Not Matt Damon. He grows his own food) use dehydrated food that expands when water is added, but that doesn’t count.

Pepsi Perfect


Marty McFly has a history with Pepsi. “If you want a Pepsi, pal, you’re gonna pay for it!” When he travels to the future, he comes across Pepsi Perfect. Pepsi released 6,500 bottles of it, but it quickly sold out which angered many customers who shared their displeasure on social media and Amazon’s reviews section. A single bottle retailed for $20.15. Get it?

Flying Cars


Yeah, we are nowhere close to having these. Where we’re going, we still need roads.

Drone Technology


Drones can record footage remotely just like they did in the movie. USA Today needs to step up their game and incorporate them into their reporting.

Self-lacing Sneakers


Nike has recreated the sneakers worn by Marty McFly in the film, but they lacked the self-lacing feature. There are rumors that Nike will finally release or at least announce the self-lacing Mags today. So we don’t officially have them yet, but stayed tuned…

The Rise of Fax Machines


Yeah, we certainly have fax machines, but they never rose to prominence like they did in the film. People in this world also use phone booths, which are a lot harder to find in the real 2015.

Playing Video Games Without a Controller


Those two jerk kids give Marty an attitude when he wants to play an old-school game in the cafe. Punks. But playing games without a controller is a reality. Devices like the Kinect for the Xbox gaming systems have made this a possibility. Many gamers still prefer a controller though.

Print Media Relevance


USA Today recreated the cover that was seen in the film and it was shipped with today’s edition of the paper. That’s awesome, but print media is not in great shape these days thanks to the rise of the Internet and instant news.

Cubs Winning The World Series


The Mets are currently up 3-0 in the NLCS. Things aren’t looking so good for the Cubbies. But hey, crazier things have happened…

Jaws 19


This one hurts. The first Jaws is a classic. Jaws II didn’t match the success of its predecessor, but many people consider it an underrated film. Jaws 3-D wasn’t very good. Then Jaws: The Revenge came out. The movie ends with the shark roaring right before it’s stabbed and then it explodes? Seems logical. That is a sad way to end a series of films. Back to the Future II predicted that Jaws 19 would be released in 2015. Sequels and reboots are increasingly common in the world today, which makes it even more depressing that there are only four films in the Jaws series. Get to work, Speilberg! “Shark still looks fake.”

Time Travel


Yeah, time travel doesn’t exist.

So there we have it. The 2015 we see in Back to the Future Part II looks nothing like the one we have in reality. But hey, they got some things right! Happy Back to the Future Day everyone! Now make like a tree and get out of here.



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